Friday, August 6, 2010


tell me what to do/ just tell me/ tell me I'm yours/tell me I'm not/will you please let me know/will you try/will you kill me/can you make it stop/can I ask/should I run/how will I tell/I can not help you/I will betray you/I know I will/you made me like this/there's nothing else/everything will end/you know it too/you're bad/I'm even worse/it's a lie/you're an imposter/I'm a scavenger/I feed of my brain/I'm almost done/wait for it/or don't/do as you please/ what was I saying/you talk nonsense/I won't listen anymore/I would if you ask kindly enough/you'll never do/you're too nice/I'm not/who are you/you've got some nerve/how did this happen/are you really there/blink your eyes/this is boring/how can I help you/this is what it seems/do you hear me/I want you/don't be like that/I was joking/are you crying/this is one more of your games/you're terrible/did you hear that/are you waiting for someone/I no longer control you/I'm finally free/you're safe/think twice/is this really happening/you never cared/I always knew/you were leaving/is this your place/I'm sorry I wake you/where are we/you started it/not again/IthinkIshouldjuststop


Carlos said...


Masons, when they start upon a building,
are careful to test out the sacaffolding;

make sure that planks won´t slip at busy points,
secure ladders, tighten bolten joints.

and yet all this comes down when the job´s done,
showing off walls of sure and solid stone.

so if, my dear, there sometines seem to be
old bridges breaking between you and me,

never fear. we may let the scaffolds fall,
confident that we have built our wall.

(seamus heaney, the death of a naturalist)

A menos que uno tenga vocación de andamio. Y ya, gracias.

s said...

Y sí, aún cuando los andamios se caen y los puentes se rompen siempre podremos tirar una tabla entre nosotros, a pesar del frío insoportable del verano...

Traveler u Oliveira
(escoge tú)